Thursday, December 22, 2016


Zestful Blog Post #190

The photo for this post is the same as on Marcia’s and my Holiday/Christmas card this year. She thought of the concept, and I executed it. All the writing implements are mine, from my various stashes. After crafting the display on our dining-room table (the tablecloth, linen—Ikea—and I never iron), I realized just how rich I am in stuff that makes words. And that’s not even all! More pens, pencils, inks, and sharpeners lay neatly in my Bisleys and office cupboard. (Art supply buffs will know Bisleys.) I even have a Caran d’Ache rotary sharpener, though not the eye-popping Matterhorn edition. Perhaps next year you could all chip in and get me one.

[Can you find the humblest of these items: the Detroit Public Schools pencil I picked up from the floor of the orchestra room at Cass Technical High School on a visit this year?]

But seriously, I’ve been thinking about how rich I am in so many things, the best of them not for sale: health, family, friends, faithful readers. Often, when I get down about something or other I’ll give thanks for stuff I don’t have, like a prison sentence for killing somebody in a car accident that’s my fault.

Also, because it’s the Christmas season—going ahead with “Christmas” here, because I do celebrate it, more or less—I’ve been thinking, “What would Jesus Write?” And I realize the real question is: “How Would Jesus Write?” The answer is clear and simple, when you think how tuned in that guy was: With faith. Meaning without anxiety! Meaning with trusting generosity! Meaning with belief in what one little person can accomplish!

Thank you for being my friend. I love you and wish you a wonderful, happy weekend.

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  1. Clever and charming! Happy Christmas to you all.

  2. Beautiful and honest, as usual. Merry Christmas, friend.

  3. I love the design you guys came up with! So appropriate and very pretty.
    I agree - writing without fear and with faith that what you write is worth someone's time to read. Also, with faith that you will always get better. Every novelist I have talked to (and I've talked to a LOT) has said they cringe looking back at the first book they wrote, but those same authors went on to win major awards for their work.
    I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season, however you celebrate it.

  4. Great to see you here as always, BJ. I definitely feel HOLY HELL is the least strong of all my novels, and I've improved from there. Definitely if you keep at anything mindfully, you'll improve. I guess mindful is another way of saying faithful...

  5. Yes, a thought I've had, "I’ll give thanks for stuff I don’t have, like a prison sentence for killing somebody in a car accident that’s my fault." We writers are often off into other worlds and that's not good when you're driving. I hope to see a flashing sign on the highway that says, "Concentrate, no novel plotting." Also, the design was clever!

  6. Patricia, that's a good idea... and thanks for checking in!


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