Thursday, December 20, 2018

Your Pair of Swans

Zestful Blog Post #295

One day a few months ago, a pair of swans (pictured below) appeared in the pond across from our upstairs window. We were like, WTF? That is so cool! We began watching the huge gorgeous birds avidly as we got ready for our day. Marcia, particularly, was enchanted, and set out to know how the swans got there.

After some sleuthing, she learned that our neighbors across the way (strangers to us) decided they wanted swans. Their house backs up to the pond, which is the property of a golf course. Our houses border the course. The neighbors checked with the golf course management and the local vigilante—er, homeowner—associations, who all said, hey sure, swans would be cool! So they ordered their swans from whatever swan ranch, set up a care plan for them, and are looking after them.

The swans glide around and nibble the vegetation and small critters like worms and mollusks in the pond, which has a couple of islets in the middle. The neighbors set up a little swan shelter, which looks like an upside-down playpen, on shore for when they want shade. Early every morning, one of the neighbors brings out a red bucket and puts out some swan chow (presumably to ensure adequate nutrition in addition to what might be available from the pond). The swans come up and have breakfast, then they go back to the pond and its various social activities. Ducks, herons, grebes, ospreys, and other species enjoy the habitat too. Side note: reportedly, swans will chase off troublesome geese that like to hog all the food in a small pond.

[Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it, and/or happy holidays to you from Marcia and me—
and the swans.]

We enjoy the show in the mornings. And we have learned that if you have the proper space and about $2,500 and you want a pair of White Mute Swans, well by God, you can have them. The deeper truth is hey, what would make you happy? Admittedly, not everyone is equipped to afford and care for a pair of swans. But is there something that would bring you joy, for the hell of it? Have you gotten into the habit of thinking it’s just not within reach, or even practical? Perhaps now is the time to challenge that thought. Perhaps it’s time to order your swans.

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  1. Order my swans? Err, far better to wait for spring when "our" two Sandhill Cranes return from wherever this pair of effetes winter (what, you can't deal with MN winters, hehehe?) and again seek to raise one or two chicks in the toughest ring known: nature. Seven years they've been our fair-weather, corn-eating friends. 2018 was the first year three flew south.

    Wild swans and snow geese - always a thrill here. But as neighbors, what a joy.

    1. Ah, lovely. We have the Sandhills here now. Not long ago I was walking with a friend and we detoured onto the golf course at dusk, hearing a crane calling. The crane spotted me and came steadily at me. I realized I was wearing a red cap. He thought I was a potential mate, or maybe a rival. They stand pretty tall! I backed away, and after a while he gave up. They'll be back in your neck of the woods...

    2. If you see them again, call out: Fannie, Frasier. I know, it's horrible. Frasier Crane. How could anyone resist?

  2. I wish I could attach the picture I have of swans at Kronborg (Hamlet's) Castle in Denmark. Two beautiful white swans with their babies paddling along with them. Priceless. Merry Christmas to you and Marcia, Elizabeth. Missed you at FWA this year...hopefully next.

    1. OMG, I bet they're a sight to behold. Thank you so much for your warm wishes, and the same back to you, Tricia.

  3. not sure my previous comment was published, but my "pair of swans" is the book written by Elizabeth, YOU`VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU

  4. I have to admit that I got sidetracked by the swan vision. I live in Lakeland,Florida. The symbol of our city is the swan. We have live swans living here that are descendants of a pair gifted to our city by Queen Elizabeth. Moving here and taking a chance on another relationship was for me buying those swans.


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