Thursday, September 13, 2018

Half an Hour to Dramatic Improvement

Zestful Blog Post #281

Here's something to try for the hell of it. (Have you done something for the hell of it this week yet?) I swear if you do this you will write about your world with greater confidence and pleasure. Even reading this will help you.

Go to your favorite coffeehouse and sit with your notebook. Relax your jaw. Which should prompt your neck to relax. Which should prompt your shoulders to relax, and so on down. You’re welcome. Without moving from that spot, write down everything you can sense. Open all those chakras or whatever they are and write down what you're seeing and sensing, head to toe. Don’t judge anything, just describe it.

What do you see? Start with the place and write it. Floor, walls, ceiling. What do you see through the windows? Is it day or night? What is the quality of the light—is it bright, muted, pearly, golden? Maybe it's blue, or maroon! Look into the shadows. Notice how different the light is there. Describe it. What do you hear? What's playing on the sound system, if anything? Is it loud or quiet? Do you know the tune?

Next, the people. Who's there and what are they like? What do they look like, what clothing? Who's talking and what are they saying? What are their voices like? What else do you hear? Doors banging open and shut as people come and go? Beeps from the machines behind the counter? Cell phones? The paddle fan squeaking slightly as it rotates overhead? What's that squeak like? Focus on one sound and write it thoroughly.

What do you smell? Probably a great many smells are coming together. What is the bouquet of the place? Are you smelling coffee, maybe sweets, maybe something like the mop-water disinfectant that sort of lingers very slightly beneath everything? A whiff of strong perfume or aftershave trailing behind someone like a wake from a vessel?

 What are you eating and drinking? Maybe a roll and some coffee. Describe the flavors. How does each one taste separately? Consistency, texture, temperature. How do they mingle together in your mouth? What else can you describe about how they taste? Do the comestibles (love that word) bring up memories, like Proust's madeleines? What are they?

[could be beignets...]

Does anything else you're experiencing bring up other thoughts, memories, feelings?
What are you sensing bodily? What is your chair like? Is it interacting with your thighs and butt in a satisfactory fashion?

How's your posture? How does the back of your neck feel? Has your jaw re-tightened? Can you sense air currents on your face? On your hands? On your legs if you're wearing shorts or a skirt? Describe the air currents. Where are they coming from, where are they going? Is your body sore or tight anywhere? Don't judge anything, just describe it. Are you wearing a watch or jewelry? A ring? Can you feel the jewelry on your skin? The weight of a necklace on your collarbones?

Finally: What are you sensing beneath it all? I believe in the sixth sense, or intuition. Is there a general mood in the place? If so, where's it coming from? Are the baristas a happy crew? Why, do you suppose, or why not? Is there a little corner of negativity over there surrounding that frowning customer studying his phone? Is there something creative happening over there between those three people talking excitedly? Is there something in the spirit of the place that brings you in? Something you can sense but not label? Write it as best you can and see what happens.

How do you feel beneath your exterior? What is your deepest state right now?

What do you think? Have you ever done something like this? How did it go? To post, click below where it says, 'No Comments,' or '2 Comments,' or whatever.
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