Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Beautiful Challenge of Detachment

Zestful Blog Post #228

Living in Florida gives you lots of opportunities to learn to live with ambiguity. The storm may come and kill you. If it doesn’t kill you because your shelter was adequate or you got the hell out of the way, it may destroy your dwelling, all of your stuff, your neighbors’ dwellings and stuff, and maybe even the whole town.

Or it may not.

It could veer away in a little gust and leave you with a few palm fronds in your yard to clean up. Such it is with so many things. It could go wrong. It could go right. One must watch, wait, make decisions, and act.

[Graffiti in the bathroom stall at John King Books, Detroit, 2016. I think I used this photo once before. Wouldn't it make a good tattoo?]

Detachment is a powerful ally. We can’t take any of those cool possessions along in the end, anyway. Well, then! What if we detach now? We find ourselves with everything else, which is to say, everything: love, honesty, and freedom. It's a beautiful world.

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  1. They say that you can't take it with you. It'll hurt to lose your possessions. But it wouldn't compare to losing your morality, human decency, love, friendship and compassion.
    Stay safe durung Irma.

  2. And worrying about something doesn't make it better or easier. Like you said, stuff is just stuff.

  3. Watching all of this in TX and now FL, I thought about possessions and their meaning in my life. I have decided if I needed to quickly leave my house, if I have my dog and my purse with ID essentials, that is good for me. The rest really is just stuff. It really stuck in my head those many folks in TX who wouldn't leave their homes because someone might steal their stuff. Wow. Good opportunity to think about all this!

    1. Yes, along the same lines of people trying to wrestle their bags off the plane during an emergency exit. Thanks for checking in, Lynne.

  4. Stay as safe as you can, Elizabeth!

  5. I'm hoping that you, your family and neighbors stay safe.


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