Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine Post: Love and Free Book

Zestful Blog Post #146

As I haven’t yet figured out how to package and deliver pure love to you, my friends and family, I thought I’d do the next best thing by giving away a story that has love in it. Well, love and violence, of course, being that it’s a Lillian Byrd crime novel. Easy Street is free on Amazon Kindle through Tuesday. (And ya don't need a kindle device to get it--just the free Amazon app.) Love to you and yours!

 [Cover by my talented buddy Ann McMan.]

"You'll be happy to know that Lillian has returned in all her dry, witty splendor to pull us all into yet another totally enjoyable and satisfying mystery."
The L Word Literature Review

Lillian Byrd's battered Caprice is convulsing through the last of its death throes; her pet rabbit, Todd, ails; and as usual she's single—and flat broke. For a few extra bucks she signs on to help an old friend, retired police detective Erma Porrocks, renovate her house, but of course nothing ever goes smoothly in the life of Lillian Byrd. The end of her first day on the job yields a partially demolished wall, a mysterious stash of cash, and a fresh corpse. And Lillian's attentions are diverted by the appearance of a drop-dead gorgeous neighbor.

Nonetheless, Lillian throws herself into chasing down every complex thread, especially after Porrocks is injured in a suspicious accident. The action ranges from Porrocks's Detroit riverfront neighborhood to a nursing home in Cleveland, where Lillian and Todd pose as animal therapy workers to shamelessly coax information from an elderly resident. From there Lillian goes undercover to Boise, Ft. Lauderdale, and points beyond, facing deception and danger the whole way—as well as the bewildering emergence of her own dark side.

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  1. What a super gift! I downloaded my copy, and wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks, Elizabeth

  2. You're welcome, Tricia. I'd love to hear what you think of it if you get around to the read...

  3. Will do. I'm looking forward to the read.


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