Thursday, November 23, 2017

Random Acts of Thankfulness 2017

Zestful Blog Post #239

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Beyond health, family, friends, and Marcia, I'm thankful for:

·       Trident gum
·       Terry Laughlin
·       Piazzoni murals at the DeYoung
·       Agnes Martin
·       Bill Gates
·       Patricia Highsmith
·       Cigar boxes
·       The idea of Switzerland
·       Cass Technical High School

[The music room at Cass. Photo by ES.]

·       Orange marmalade
·       Myofascial release
·       The score to North by Northwest (Bernard Herrmann)
·       Blue plastic buddha
·       Best in Show
·       Joseph Cornell
·       Lexus LS400
·       Mad Men
·       Pentel Kerry .07 black
·       Vic Firth timpani mallets
·       Joan of Arc
·       Rear Window (soundscape)
·       Victoria Sweet
·       Ringling College of Art and Design
·       Work pants
·       The Bradenton YMCA pool
·       Bob’s Red Mill
·       Joan Morris and William Bolcom
·       Tahquamenon Falls
·       Rebus
·       Marcia’s apple cake

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