Thursday, June 8, 2017

Remember the Writer who

Zestful Blog Post #215

Remember the writer who quit?

Nobody does.

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  1. Enough said. I have to get back to my revisions now.

  2. Uh...better get back to work.

  3. There's no apostophe at the end
    of Ss, dear - just SIMS'

    How's your doppleganger?
    Are there 2 of you?
    No, dear, only 1 - SIMS'

    God bless your indelible soul.

    1. Hey kadaver, thanks for stopping by! Actually, a proper noun that ends in 'S' (usually last names like Jones, Sims, etc.), is a bit of a special case, grammatically.

      Such names are not plurals, and thus to use [Sims'] as a possessive isn't consistent with general use. Although [Sims's] looks awkward to some people, it is actually correct. Many style guides will also say, however, that [Sims'] to show possession is becoming more and more acceptable.

      I just prefer the old way.


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