Thursday, November 24, 2016

Random Acts of Thankfulness

Zestful Blog Post #186

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I’m thankful for all the usual suspects: health, family, Marcia. Beyond those treasures, here are 30:

·       Etch A Sketch
·       Photosynthesis
·       The Artist’s Bedroom in Arles
·       Psycho
·       Sutro Heights Park
·       The Bob-Lo Boat
·       William Walton
·       Georgia O’Keeffe
·       Pie
·       Laura Ingalls Wilder
·       Rose Wilder Lane
·       Trilobites
·       Nancy Kulp
·       Speedo Endurance Lite Fabric
·       Burt’s Bees
·       Randomness

[actual photograph of randomness: this wooden duck outside the music store.]

·       Every Damn Bronte
·       Tanqueray
·       Cows
·       John King Books
·       Samuel Taylor Coleridge
·       Marie Curie
·       Tracey Ullman
·       Palomino Blackwings
·       Matt Groening
·       Trey Parker
·       Matt Stone
·       Garry Winogrand
·       The Pelikan Pen Co.
·       The Cardiff Giant

Do you have any random acts of thankfulness to share? To post, click below where it says, 'No Comments,' or '2 Comments,' or whatever.

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  1. My Writing Coach
    Rene Fleming
    Smart Wool Socks
    My Awesome Spouse
    My Kayak
    Merrell Hiking Boots
    Red Wine
    J.K. Rowling
    Second Chances

  2. Bev!!! Honored to be on such a great list!!! We're on the same page on a lot of stuff. XXOO

  3. The Cardiff Giant! I knew I loved you.

    David Hannum (who bought the giant shortly after its 'discovery' was from my hometown - Homer, NY.

  4. The randomness of your list is a great window into your mind. Love it. And you stretched me; I had to Google a couple of your items.
    I did not have to Google Tanqueray.
    Cheers and happy holidays to all.

  5. Boyd, very cool! When I was about 14, my sister, who was newly married and living in Syracuse, took me to that farm museum where we beheld the Giant and other attractions. As I recall, he was lying in sort of a colossal manger, with straw strategically placed over his personal area (as Marge Simpson calls it). The audacity and elaborateness of the hoax stuck in my mind. And Tricia, thanks for stopping in as well! I was hoping to stump my pals on a few of these... And happy holidays right back. This is my favorite weekend of the year... XO

  6. Jennifer Wyatt says:

    My husband and family
    Detroit Institute of Arts
    All of the Brontes, primarily Charlotte.
    Mary Oliver
    My morning cup of coffee
    Belle Isle
    Used Bookstores
    Sylvan Lake
    Lee Krasner
    Helen Frankenthaler
    Traverse City
    Sleeping Bear sand dunes
    Henry David Thoreau
    My antique four poster bed inherited from my grandfather. What Luxury!
    Library book sales
    Long time good friends
    Little pleasures
    A good nights sleep
    Hot shower
    The ocean
    Collecting Shells
    Solitude (major necessity)
    Good hard work
    Looking at the stars on a clear night.
    Golden Retrievers
    Ray's Ice Cream Shop.
    And last but certainly not least, connecting with my ninety year old father who has dementia. How much better can it get than that?

  7. Jennifer, what a totally cool list!!! I was going to put Helen Frankenthaler in mine too, but decided to give top billing to Georgia O'Keeffe and save Helen for next year!! Also, Agnes Martin. Anyway, so much fun. I liked Ray's too when I lived in MIchigan. And yeah, library book sales rock.


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