Thursday, December 26, 2013

I Say I Want a Resolution

The best resolution for the New Year is, of course, to keep all the old ones. Herewith my top two:

1) Practice breath awareness as much as possible.

2) Write more fiction.

What are yours?

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  1. Exercise every day. Beginning January 1. I hope.

  2. Marcia, you're better than me. I wish I could say exercise, but I know it would be a lie. My resolution is to finish editing my book.

    Elizabeth, I read your book The Actress, and I had one POV question that I'm curious about. It's something I noticed in your book that I've noticed in other books too, and I've always wanted to ask an author about it. Do you have time; could I ask here or could I send you an email?

    I've ordered from Amazon, You've Got Book in You. Yay! --Tabitha

    1. Hi Tabitha, you can post your question here. It and my answer might be helpful to others... Very glad you're awaiting YGABIY!

  3. I noticed how your protagonist in The Actress sometimes talked to the reader. Is this a technique you consciously used to pull the reader into the story or was it simply how your character revealed herself on the page?

    I’ve noticed this in other books and sometimes when I’m writing, my characters try to jump out at me…perhaps to assault me for putting them through so much pain, I don’t know—but I digress…You handled your character well. I’m just curious because I’m cautious to try this. I'm not convinced that if I let my characters talk to the readers, they wouldn't tell all my secrets behind my back. --Tabitha

    1. Hi Tabitha,

      Since I used the first person for Rita (the protagonist) to tell the story, yeah, she gives her opinions and so forth. I do this for my other series as well, the Lillian Byrd books. Mainly my reasoning is I want my narrators to have strong opinions, likes and dislikes, so they feel authentic to the reader. Having your narrator be your main character also lets you show the world from her eyes, which can really develop her personality. The technique also lets you use humor, because your narrator can make ironic asides, judgments, etc.

      I say, experiment with it and see how it works for you.


    2. Thank you. Rita's personality did shine through.

      My copy of You Got a Book in You came today. It's wonderfully new. The pages are crisp and clean. The cover is a heavy cardstock with a glossy image. I've already started the first few pages. I'm so motivated. 2014 is my year! Go team! LOL. --Tabitha

  4. Happy a day before New Year's! ....had to get literal.

    Resolutions never worked for me, unless you count this year which was the first time ever, and only in part. For 2014 I have goals, one of which is your #2 resolution. My other goals was to get my novel "Spiritus Mundi" submission ready, which will require lots of polishing and getting more traffic to my site . And I think I'll have to get usse to revising and I mean really revising. I have a hard time letting go, so do revisions of the basic kind like tense, wording, long sentences. Going to have to tell myself that it's okay to do a overhaul.

    also year 2014 is the year for eating well, proper portion sizes and excercises


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