Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Farm Sex?

Zestful Blog Post #72

Farm Sex?

Anyone who says it's easy to be an objective reporter is certainly not one.

A story on farm subsidies, though they directly affect everybody's tax bill, is far less preferable than a story on a sex scandal, which usually only affects the principals. Why? Sales. Ratings. In two years as a reporter for a small-city paper, the only issue that sold out at the newsstands had the headline "Drug Bust Nails 23", with story and photos (by yours truly) of kids being led to the lockup, jackets over their heads. Stories about the city budget? Federal flood insurance mandates? Hah.

It's a well established aspect of human nature that people like to ridicule others: figures of authority, the rich, the kids next door who get caught with pot seeds in their notebook.

What's that about? Simply envy? A love of trash? An author wonders, late on a Wednesday night, just ahead of a day of helping writers at the Florida Heritage critique sessions, St. Augustine.

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  1. I think it's more about that it provides validation that someone else's life is more messed up than our own. It makes us feel relieved and/or glad that we haven't succumbed to the kind of shenanigans that make newspaper headlines. Plus it gives us something to talk about almost as if we're authorities on the subject.


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